Wheel of Life

"Life Wheel"Wheel of life

The "Wheel of Live", or "Life Wheel" of Tibetan Buddhism is seen as a guide, also known as the "Path to Enlightenment". The cyrcle of ignorance and rebirth is represented by 12 types of unconsciousness who are also related with the astrological signs. Through studying and the lessons learned in the "Life Wheel" we can find the way from the constant cyrcle of Life and Death, or "Samsara" and reach Enlighment. In this state there no desire, aversion or confusion. The life of someone who lives in this state is characterized by compassion, kindness, wisdom, equanimity, detachment and happiness.

Tulku Sonam Choedup Rinpoche will make the message of the "Wheel of Live" tranparant for us.


Wednesday 10 November 2021

19.30 - 22.00

Teaching about 'impermanence'


Thursday 11 November 2021


Puja 'Medican Buddha'

Geleenstraat 34-Amsterdam

Sunday 14 November 2021


Teaching 'wheel of life'

Yoga temple Haarlem